We support you with a professional team in concerts, festivals, launches, meetings, sporting events and performing arts organizations.

Political communication

We execute successfully together with the most powerful and experienced team of Turkey in effective election organizations, correct surveys, striking launch and PR activities.


Akdeniz Organization offers consultants to show their clients how to act to create the future they desire, with the expertise, experience and inventive methods to reach their goals. It helps in perfecting their work experience.


We have 20 years of experience in our offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Mersin and we are passionate about your catalog shoots, promotions and commercials.


Müzik ve sinema dünyasının Değerli Sanatçıları ve Zanaatkarı,sanat ve zanaatdaki başarılarınızı tüm dünyayla paylaşmaya hazır mısınız?

Social Media

We support you with accurate and specified messages.


Akdeniz Organization, with 20 years of experience, designs and implements influential, effective, and remarkable projects.

Printed works

Printed works is one of the most important communication tool in one-to-one contact among agencies and customers. For this reason design, choice of color and company vision is very important. As Akdeniz Organization, all stages from design to printing is taken into consideration in a high quality and complete way. Accordingly, we achieve to maintain all services of printed works of our customers such as posters, brochures professionally since design stage to delivery stage. Therefore, we provide an intensified relationship with your customers.